The world through the eyes of a male domestic abuse victim, but its so much more than that !

Does Not Compute

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I’v never been a fucking NPC

regurgitating with urgency 

there fake version of empathy 

I speak to tribulations true 

where others fear to share their view

so an honest word from me to you 


When you invent oppression so fake 

real victims compassion you take 

and noting good you can make 

with a false narrative of fake empathy 

for fake victims with urgency 

don’t be a fucking NPC


Accident ?


The dispensing of privilege

by an accident of birth 

Is not an accident 


Every new arrival 

has the same opportunity 

the one provided by their ancestors

which is the fruit of their labours

through countless generations 


Those labours were not 


your starting point in life 

Is the life’s work 

of your forefathers 


Any privilege 

was earned, not given 


If you look at others with envy 


you chastise your linage 

while procrastination insures 

repeated results  

the starting point 

of your descendants is not 



Sexist Shopping

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Tesco is currently facing a 4 billion pay claim for discrimination. The case centres around the fact that distribution staff are paid more than cashiers, and the distribution staff are predominantly male while the cashiers are predominantly female. Leigh Day, the law firm representing those bringing the case are arguing this is in conflict with the equal pay act and that both jobs have equal worth to the company. One question that arrives from this is why stop at distribution workers, could they not argue that the person interacting with the customer and taking cash for the company is actually selling the deal, and therefore of equal worth to those in procurement, or even the CEO ?

Other questions is why this case was as predictable as it is erroneous. 

The jobs in question in the equal pay case are very different. The cashiers job involves sitting at a checkout in a climate controlled building and scanning items and taking payment for the goods. It may also include duties such as stacking g shelves. The distribution job is warehouse work. It involves working outside and inside the building. It involves warm tempters in summer and cold conditions in winter. It involves being exposed to rain and snow. It involves interacting with delivery drivers,  using equipment that require qualifications to operate to unload the lorries, moving heavy weights and playing a game of giant tetris on a daily basis to fit everything in a limited space. If the two jobs involved the same physical labour, one could have expected many female cashiers to apply for distribution jobs in order to gain a pay rise, the fact this has not happened is in its self evidence there are clear differences in the requirements of both jobs.

So why was the case inevitable ? 

Over the past few years Tesco has became increasingly misandric. Granted all shops carter more to women than men as their primary demographic, and therefore it is no surprise to anyone that floor space dedicated to women’s clothes in Tesco is quadruple that dedicated to men’s clothes. Also the space dedicated to female hygiene and grooming far outweighs that provided for men. This has always been the case. However Tesco has gone farther. The singe for parking has changed from blue (part of their corporate colour scheme) to pink. They have removed the picture of a man from the parents and children parking spaces. The self service tills have the depiction of woman and the icons on the trolleys have no picture of a man. This might have been able to be passed of as rebranding and simplifying the images but the change of  name from  “mansize tissues” to extra large tissues shows that Tesco has some problem with the word man or depicting men as anything good. All of this went unchecked, nobody at this large company, or its consumer base found any of this to be problem. Had any of it been pointed out the person pointing it out would be accused of being petty and stated the issues were unimportant. However where sexist attitudes go unchecked, they escalate.

Then came the advertisement campaign depicting domestic abuse against a man.

Tesco are currently running a advertisement for Fish Cakes. You can view the video


In the video the woman makes her partners favourite meal, while saying she will make her partner watch her eat it, while complaining to her friend that he forgot something. To be clear, this falls under the UK Definition for domestic abuse as controlling cohesive behaviour. That Tesco allowed their brand to be represented by a woman showing this level of power and control over her partner, with zero exception of backlash shows that Tesco see men as less than human. I ask you, would any company use a man withholding food, out of spite or revenge, from a woman, or even a dog ? The obvious answer is no, as this would damage the brand.

Using this video as advertisement, shows that Tesco are oblivious to hardships faced by men. 

Therefore how could anyone immersed in this culture see the difficulties of working in inhospitable conditions, see the cost on the body of physical toil, and realise that such work commands a premium, when they do not value the people doing said work, because of their gender. This culture leads to ignoring the hardships, and demanding the premium paid to these men, without enduring the hardship.



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I want to start by making something very clear, so that their can be no confusion. I am advocate for the rights of Men and Boys. I wish to see changes to the legal systems, the medical practices, the government policies, and also the social assistance systems that currently disadvantage Men and Boy’s. Yes, where their is a blindingly obvious issue that affects human rights in general I will speak up, and where females seek assistance from me, with a valid case, I will give whatever assistance I can. However my priority is advocating for the rights of Men and Boy’s. This has been my unwavering position from I escaped the witch mid 2012 and shortly after when I started writing about my experiences and subsequently  found the Mens Rights Movement around the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013.

In the latter part of 2016 Professor Jordan Peterson came to prominence due to his stance on gender neutral pronouns. He stated that a law forcing Canadians to use proscribed pronouns was an assault on the English Language. On this I agree. His recent interview with Cathy Newman on Chanel 4 in the UK has been widely held as a triumphant victory, and it was for those opposed to cultural marxism or feminism, but not necessarily for those advocating for the rights of Men and Boy’s.   From the end of 2016 until the present day Jordan Peterson’s content has been widely shared around the Mens Rights Movement. Farther he has largely been treated as something akin to the new Messiah, the bringer of new information, this is what has confused me.

Their can be no doubt Jordan Peterson is intelligent or articulate, or that he has observed society as it really is, but that does not make him a advocate for the rights of Men and Boys. 

To be a advocate for change, one must go past making observations of the world as it is. One must point out and demand the changes that must be made to rectify the situation. To date I have been unable to find any such words from Jordan Peterson despite using too much of my time listening to words. The one group of people he demands change from without hesitation are men. He frequently asserts that if men, particularly young men, would just straighten their shoulders, clean up their act and fly right, it would profit themselves, their family and society. His willingness to to demand these changes of young men afflicted with the situation Mens Rights Advocates recognise as “Failure to Launch”, coupled with his willingness to malign those not willing sacrifice themselves for the greater societal good, or wife up and provide for women, show that it is not the interests of individual men Peterson advocates for, but societies.

It is my view that men, as a group, have sacrificed enough. 

Men fought wars to enforce freedom of thought and expression. Men gave and still give their lives to bring electricity, clean water, the minerals that power your car, the city streets you live on, the protections of law enforcement and so many other things you take for granted. Men as a group owe society nothing. Until society realises “Men’s” debt has already been paid in full for a very long time, I require young men that live with their parents and enjoy their life and change nothing. Until society values its sons as much as it values its daughters, I advise young men duck and cover. It is a battlefield out their, and society is clean out of medals. Even if it were not, you don’t want one.

I say sending young men out into a world that is stacked against them, where no amount of straightening their shoulders and flying right will compensate for bias in divorce law or family court is folly. When boys of 6 days old do not receive the same protections under law as adult women, I say something is very wrong. To Jordan Peterson I say, if you have a problem with feminists on campus, demand gender studies be abolished, as Prof Janice Fiamengo has done, or would that put you outside your comfort zone ? Realising the problem, and stating the obvious is the easy bit, demanding change is somewhat more problematic. I have came to realise that is the hurdle Peterson has yet to jump. This understanding made my life less problematic.

it is possible to be intelligent and articulate, without advocating for the rights of Men and Boy’s.

Scamming Scammers

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When a scam artist relives a unsuspecting person of their hard earned assets, they take not only from the person they are in direct contact with, but from all of us. If this insight confuses you, let me explain. They take more than the asset they receive, they also take a little peace of that persons trust, and that trust is as unlikely to be returned as the asset.

This has a knock on affect on the victims future actions. They are less likely to take a future request for assistance at face value. The help the victim would have previously given without hesitation, may now not be forthcoming, and if assistance is given, it will leave lingering doubts in the victims head. In short, every time someone is scammed, their personal gain costs the world the removal of a piece of kindness.

We all know kindness is already in short supply. 

The only real option we have then, is to stand up and expose scam artists where we find them. That it was Adedara that came up on my radar was a fluke. It could have been any of the thousands of parasites that feed on those among us who’s flaw is to be too trusting, too willing to help others, but they should all know that sooner or later they will run into a different type of person. Someone that wishes to cleanse society of the infestation, and they will be exposed. So now Adedara Oluwasegun Seyi has became the poster figure for the campaign eliminate his kind,  and hopefully the recipient of quite a few messages on KIK.

He should have expected us. 


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Summoning all his willpower

he stood proud and erect

impervious to the midday sun


He had not been beaten in three weeks

or fed in three days

while he knew these facts

benefited his owner

Ibrahim also understood

they benefited him


Being brought to market


and bereft of body fat

would accentuate his muscle mass

and therefore increase his value


Fighting delirium

Ibrahim looked each bidder in the eye

dreaming of his village in Sudan

knowing returning was impossible

and hoping

that paying a high price

would convince his owner, to take good care

of their property


He searched for compassion

in the eyes of the bidders

realising anyone

that could buy a person

the way they bought horse

could not understand compassion


In his peripheral mind

Ibrahim realised he had been sold

for two hundred and thirty dollars

the highest price that day


the gods had been good to him


his new owner had compassion


The only certainty in Ibrahim’s life

was that tomorrow would be hard

so when his body felt the heat

of the metal flatbed truck

he allowed it to collapse

and rest



in the recesses of his mind

Ibrahim saw television screens

he saw

the rightful indignation

of people screaming

about Africans ,being sold into slavery

in a bygone age

as he drifted into unconsciousness

he wondered

why those voices

ignore the slaves of today


Author Notes

In 2018 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa heading to Europe face many dangers as they embark on their journey to the west. However the most ominous, and long lasting of those, is becoming entwined in Libya’s blossoming slave trade.

The same mainstream media and pressure groups that demands white people make recompense, for slaves they never owned, are ignoring the slaves of today, because their owners are beyond criticism. This shows us their concern is not about the horrific practice of slavery, but in casting a blanket of shame on white western people and removing their voice from the debate. In effect they are utilising the suffering of people from the past in a most callus and denigrating way.  Anyone thinks this is progress, they need to re-evaluate their thought process.

Mob Justice

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The indoctrination
delivered as education
of virgin minds is exploitation 
the collage system is being mis-sold
teaching sheeple to do as they are told
and the ramifications begin to unfold 

of teaching women to be unkind
in the deep recesses of the hive mind
where all wrong thinkers must be maligned
taught that every evil accusation
or incessant insulation
are justification for intimidation

The cult of feminism
will tolerate zero opposition
silencing men for yesteryears proposition
simply sending the wolves after you
caring not if the story is true
supported by a army screaming MeToo

bringing forth chaos
removing due process
resulting only in human distress
time for accusation and reality to link
its time to stop, its time to think
before from the poisoned kool-ade you drink

“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Forty Two
© Forty Two, all rights reserved

Author Notes

Men are currently presumed guilty, until proven innocent.
Dehumanisation and removing access to justice of any group,
is always followed by something more sinister. Where one can “joke” about putting a section of society in camps, a decade later you can actually put them in camps. To see who has real power in society, look to those you can not criticise, and to see who faces oppression, look to those you can criticise with impunity. And remember, you will never see the truth if you never ask yourself.

Societal Decay

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 22.45.54

The drag queen that presides

over the utopian dream

where straight white men

are perceived obscene

revels in false euphoria

a product of gender dysphoria

cocooned in a false dichotomy

protected from harsh reality

sings and dances all night long

knowing she can do no wrong


So she sits on privileged pew

dispensing commands that favour few

creating laws politically correct

while demanding serfdom must forget

that when power is handed to those most broke

who without irony proclaim themselves “woke”

you demand that all of humanity

partake in their insanity

destroying evolutions social order

forgetting she can’t rule without a border


So she screams of toxic masculinity

blinded by the hate she cannot see

directed to only those born male

classing boy’s a instant fail

then perhaps one day they do succeed

to annihilate the warrior creed

I ask on who will she will then call

when social protections suddenly fall

because no one loves the warrior trait

until the enemy is at the gate

A Letter to My Ex Abuser

A letter to my ex abuser

One glance of your face
was all I ever needed to understand your mood
that is a special ability
granted to everyone who lives with a sociopath
therefore when our eyes met for seconds
before you turned your face away
I saw everything

Anger, hate, pain and loathing
encompassed in a facial expression
last seen on a bulldog
chewing a wasp

I also knew the ramifications of that look
insults will be hurled
along with crockery
or anything else within reaching distance
something had displeased you
so someone must pay

However I absorbed that information walking
and laughing
my thoughts were
if he has not met the real you yet
he will tonight

I remembered you screaming at me
that without you
I would become a lonely alcoholic
I squeezed my girlfriend’s hand and said
“we just walked past the witch”

I know the source of your displeasure
from looks alone you could not ascertain
her kindness and compassion
her courage integrity and dignity
are qualities you could never recognise
even if they were written in a speech bubble
that floated above a person

However anyone with eyes to see
could accurately describe the different character traits
by looking at both your faces
the beauty and the beast

What you never considered
was keeping everyone around you stressed
was also stressful on yourself
that has consequences
you look twenty years older than you are
and she is fifteen years younger than you
and beautiful
I guess you don’t like those apples

she also has no need
to manipulate or threaten me to stay
because I only feel complete by her side

I really should thank you
because just as living in the valley
makes the view from the summit more stunning
having lived with you
makes me realise how special she is
and to clarify
I was not laughing at you
that was spontaneous laughter
from the joy of a good life

One last thing
since you made everything about us competition
because cooperation is something you don’t understand
I am calling this
game over bitch
I win


Forty Two

© Forty Two 2017, all rights reserved


Author Notes

Domestic Abuse is not gendered. The only indicator to becoming abused, is becoming entrapped by a cruel person, and cruel people come in both genders. As do people that come out the other side better than they went in. To the abusers out there, I hope seeing your former victims thrive gives you hell 

Different is not Wrong

What if I told you

the fact

that girls mature earlier than boys

is a myth

what if I told you

boys and girls mature at the same rate

they just mature



What if I told you

the ability

to talk quietly one on one

shows only that girl’s

are developing

the communication skill

that will serve them best

in adulthood


Whereas boy’s

crave communal conversation

creating co-operation

learning to make their voice heard

within a group

the skills that will serve them best

in adulthood

What if I told you

maturing differently

has been confused

with not maturing at all