Irish Police Farce

by fortytwo6x7

The Irish police force are in such a fluff

someone broke in and stole there stuff

the request for witnesses is a sensation

they will not revile the robbery location

armed response unit the scene of crime

in that country it was just a matter of time

with terrorists involved with the police force

who require rearming with weapons of corse

they say the robbers removed flat screen TV

but that insults the intelligence of you and me

if they rob a bank you would steal the cash

its not the computers they lift with a dash

so when they brake into a secrete armory

they would take the guns it is plane to see


Author Notes

People, you could not make it up ! Only in Ireland could this happen. The Emergency Response Unit of the Garda are based at a secret location, that seams fare enough. After all, these are the “special forces” of the Police service. The well trained and equipped professionals that get sent out to rescue hostages and other such specialised tasks. It is entirely reasonable to keep these units out of the way and provide a secure base of operations. Although it seams this secret location is not as secret or secure as they thought. Someone broke in and robbed the place. Im wondering do they read there own advice about locking windows and doors ? will there be a ultra violet  postcode written on the back of the “flat screen TV” ?

On a serious note, if someone got to the armoury, took weapons and ammunition, would you expect the “secret police” to admit loosing these items ? No, me either