Power to Kill

by fortytwo6x7

the female presenter on the radio

who’s name we still do not know

who used her influence and power

another persons mind to scar

with put downs and with sarcasm

with not a second thought for him

the producers that were so inept

and through the ordeal quietly slept

the management up at personnel

that let the person go through hell

the colleagues that knew all along

your silence makes you also wrong

abuse connive consent condone

the presenter did not act alone

I understand I administer a bitter pill

when I state you are all responsible

but that is the plane and simple fact

all one individual had to do was act

the fact that not one person even tried

is the cause of Russell Joslin’s suicide


Authors Notes


Russell Joslin, a male reporter with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio killed himself after being harassed by a female Presenter. Russell had rejected her sexual advances and was then subjected to bullying and harassment.  Russell died from asphyxiation after stuffing a plastic bag down his throat. The presenter has not yet been named. Although no one from BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire were present at his death, that does not remove there responsibilities for the action. Apparently the female abuser stated the male should have been “flattered” by the attention. Could any of you see a situation where this would be a  acceptable excuse had it been a male perpetrator ? thought not.

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