The Price You Pay

by fortytwo6x7

You should not have come to this land
now your skull sits in my right hand
before you came this land was green
you created this ugly desert scene
and now you sit and wonder why
dry bones on barren rocks will lie
when you chose this area to deploy
our food chain is what you did destroy
so what you removed from this place
your flesh we take our food to replace
so when we capture you but do not feed
we have spared you so you may breed
you destroyed our land with no remorse
so as cattle we breed our new food source

Author Notes
Written for the contest Picture Prompt Quickie
Hosted by Sonnet Diva

Picture Prompt
Weave me a tale tell me what this  creature is
what it does
use imagery
Don’t just describe the picture
14 to 30 lines, more than 4 words per line
Part of National Poem Month (April)