by fortytwo6x7

I’ve been knocked down

battered, bloodied and bruised

vilified humiliated

forgotten and used

slurs and insults night and day

until my mind switched off

to the things you say

you did your best 

at doing your worst

you screamed so loud

I thought my ears would burst

looking through the wreckage

with a eye that’s clear

the one obvious thing

is that I’m still here

look at what you are doing

it is not even funny

the only thing that interests you

is my fucking money

but look into the ashes

get a big surprise

just like a phenix

watch me rise

I’ll brush you off like

a bad case of fleas

it is imposable 

to keep me down on my knees

my brain works well

I know this is true

what you lost is

the better part of you

you still attempt to justify

your evil heinous acts

but truth will out

and the world will learn the facts

i stand like a rock

solid and strong

moving forward to

the place I belong

you had much pride

that will multiply the fall

with the sudden realization 

that you are very small


Author Notes

Perspective will come to all at some stage. Some will welcome this, some will fear it.