Snoozing Part Two (the other side of sudden sleep)

by fortytwo6x7


the sudden stop
in communication
will cause complete
five hours latter
the excuse he will use
“sorry cup cake
I had a snooze”
to most five hours
is a nights sleep
proper waking hours
you should keep
in all things this
continuity disturbance
is becoming a
regular occurrence
it really is not
that complex
you should not snooze
when having sex !
he never would ?
he fucking did !
during massage
to sleep he slid
I ask you whats
a girl to do ?
when this snoozing habit
is not new ?
it is not funny
so you should know
this snoozing habit
has to go !

Author Notes

Those of us who are liable to fall asleep at any given moment must understand those left awake have to deal with our omissions during our slumber. Although during very busy periods this may be acceptable, do not expect patience to last forever.
On a personal note…….I believe I may have used more chances than I should have been granted, sorry to all those that expected replies that simply did not arrive…..