Dog Gone Discrace (WFF)

by fortytwo6x7


Dog Gone Disgrace ! (written for fun (contest))

Wanted poster with my wee face
this is a dog gone disgrace !
all around the hounds will chase
when I can find no hiding place

You left that purse beside my food
and neither tasted any good
not to eat is considered rude
and you know that this dog is good

You keep the chocolate out of sight
for a biscuit the cat I have to fight
even when you sleep at night
things not for me are kept at hight

then you leave all this on the floor
and walk away through yonder door
temptation I could not ignore
So I ate it and would have ate more !

It sat there beside my little drink
what did you expect this dog to think
like my bowl it was colored pink
an my dinner it did rightly stink

that plastic thing was hard to crunch
and cotton wool I could not munch
with that sticky stuff it all did bunch
my mouth feels like it took a punch

its in my stomach and feels like lead
my gums a strange shade of red
so next time woman use your head
and use good food to keep me fed !

Author Notes

Written for the contest Need Laughter straight Humor
Hosted by Pure Hope
Nothing over 24 Lines

Prompt 1
28 lines (edited 24 line version entered in contest)