Not enough hours in the day ?

by fortytwo6x7


So I am just getting round to writing todays poem and I note it is 23:46. I got work in the morning and teeth to brush, and a poem to post. Technically I should be posting that in the next 13 minutes, to keep strictly inside the whole poem a day thing. Yea right, nooo chance of that. So I am thinking, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We have all said that, and its rolling around my head. There aren’t enough hours in the day so I’m thinking about how time came to be. 


Obviously someone started chopping up the day. I don’t know if they started with Morning, Afternoon, Evening and night and worked town to smaller segments, or started with seconds and worked up but it is all a bit random. I mean, what if they got it wrong ? Its possible, why the 60 thing ? 60 is not a round number, 50 or 100 would have made more sense. Then you jump from 60 to 24, why ? Who says this is right, we all just go along with 60 seconds makes a minute, 60 minutes makes a hour then we will have 24 hrs. It all makes no logical sense, could we change it ? Why not, we live in a democracy do we not ? If we elect the right people they can change it, but what too ?


Personally I think a hour is too long, I would go with 30 minute hours, that would give us 48  hours a day. There would be enough hours in a day then, and there are side benefits ! Ok, we need to move things about but stay with me and lets check out Forty Time (I should patent that ) We would have 60 seconds to a minute, 30 minutes to a hour and 48 hours a day. Now if you were to start work at 08:00, it would still be dark, we move the 08:00 work start to 16:00. Continuity is good. At 16:00 we do our 8 hour day, that brings us to 24:00. Now you can tell your boss you were in work till “old Midnight” so he has to let you go home. that leaves us a full 24 hours to do all the things you miss out on because there are not enough hours in a day. 


Here is the kicker, you will love this. I know you all think your place of work is unique and has rules of its own, the truth is as regards pay, they are all the same. They all pay you by the hour, so your wages are unaffected. Now you are interested, every day a half day at work and the pay stays the same, are you crazy enough to vote for that ? We do after all live in a democracy after all. All we have to do is get our Government to change time, and they work for us. No problem at all then.


Anybody with me on doing this shout “Im Nuts”


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Comment if you wish, i believe I  would like that ha ha.




Forty Two