Coffee Cup

by fortytwo6x7


A disposable discarded coffee cup
should I bend down and pick it up
thoughts gather inside my brain
of the manny things it may contain
was it placed there for a reason ?
could it hold evidence of treason ?
a note from one spy to another
or a gift for a secret lover
like the cat could curiosity
be possible of killing me
before I touch should I think twice
could it be an explosive device
with all the thoughts my brain did sow
I decide I really have to know
but when I finally look in there
it contains nothing but stale air !

There is a long history of every day objects being used to conceal items. Spies routinely use a system called a “dead letter box” where one person leaves something at a specified place and it is retrieved by another. The reason for this is to pass information or items between the two without having to meet. This use traveled via spy novels to another group of people with reason to keep there activities secrete……lovers.
There is a equally prevalent and more dangerous use of every day objects. On the 27th March 1976 a bomb was placed in a litter bin at London’s Earls court injuring 70 people and removing limbs from 4. On the 10th May 1989 a bomb was placed in beer barrels on the Falls Road Belfast and exploded as a Army Patrol walked past. As a after though a Dog was used to attack a soldier that had both legs blew off in that blast. On the 7th February 2011 the Police Service of Northern Ireland found a child’s bicycle that was used as a bomb. All these things happen in the world you and I inhabit. However, the chances of you coming across any of this is very remote and when you see “litter” it generally is litter !

National Poem Writing Month (April) 12/4/2013