by fortytwo6x7

03.10.1981 The Kop commemorates Bill Shankly

Cage them like animals

for that’s what they are

like cattle we ship them

by train from afar

At the station we greet them

with men dressed in black

who move them along

with a yell and a whack

Then in through the gates

they go one by one

at that point we search them

to see what they brung

The commander is worried

It’s moving too slow

can we process them faster

the answer is no

Then open the big gate

and herd them on in

then it’s no longer my problem,

I’m bored with this din

We will say that they done it

they’ve caused trouble before

we just could not stop them

they kicked down the door

For they came by the thousand

they came wearing red

by the time it is over

96 would be dead

Then we protect the guilty,

with lies and deceit

we will say that they robbed

the dead in the street

We will tarnish a city,

give the innocent the blame

for it will be the commander

that attributes the blame

MPs feed reporters

with falsehoods and lies

that’s the way to be certain

the truth also dies

For 23 years

the people oppressed

threw stones at the tide

until it regressed

And then came the day,

the truth was revealed

but more must be done

for wounds to be healed

It’s not yet a victory

the fight just half won

only one thing is certain

we still boycott The Sun

Now it is time for justice

the guilty need tried

to prove who is responsible

for those that have died

The chant may start on the Kop

but it is certain to grow

the nation will join us

for they all want to know

Are you acting

Are you acting

Are you acting Downing Street

Are you acting Downing Street

Author notes

Justice for the 96

i have not mentioned the name of the football club who’s supporters were involved in this incident. what i will say is the events are real, the clues are there to follow, and if all else fails, run “justice for the 96” through a search engine