Cant Complain ? Allow me to Demonstrate (written for fun)

by fortytwo6x7



There is something I would like to know

about this mad Na Po Wri Mo

they say just write a pome a day

answer the question below

where the hell does this shit go ?

I’ve looked around, its plain to see

it stays inside the poet community

do the organizers not realize

they need to fucking advertise

there are poets working double time

and some write poems better than mine

I do not want to cause offense

even they cant get a new audience !

this is where it goes to hell

you want the writers to read as well

but that keeps us working day and night

the quality will turn to shite !

so could whoever runs this show

get out and let some people know

about the explosion of poem creation

and point them to the poem location

one other thing you ought to do

is let the poets in on that secret too

it really is not rocket science

just simple logic appliance

when anyone has wrote a write

post them all on one site

come on people use your head

that way the stuff might get read

and one last thing I want to say

I would have wrote these poems anyway


Author Notes


Written for National Poem Writing Month (April)

17th April 2013


I fancied a rant, and I enjoyed it !

Thank you for reading and not taking this seriously. I truly appreciate people reading my work and the support/encouragement I receive is invaluable. Thank you all.


May contain views not widely held by Forty Two Incorporated or any of its subsidiaries.