The Gates of Hell (Forty Diva first and last)

by fortytwo6x7


The gates of hell may open wide

with my brothers I will abide

we will live and die side by side

forging our new destiny

fighting against the tyranny

the warrior creed lives within me

No rightful heir the throne to fill

to gain power the tyrant will kill

innocents suffer as they will

serpents now are running free

my stand I make with dignity

the warrior creed lives within me

Dragon slayers gather around

when ee’r ye hear the trumpet sound

like ants we tumble from the ground

for if this land you will divide

and justice will be swept aside

the gates of hell may open wide

Author Notes

written for the contest : New Form, Introducing the Forty Diva First and Last.

Dedicated to two inspirational poets, Sonnet Diva and Mystique Wizzard.

This Is also my poem for National Poem Writing month (April)

18th April 2013