Good Bye Bully !

by fortytwo6x7


bully is all you will ever be

be gone from here you big bully

brothers together will band against others

others will never defeat determined brothers

defend each other, on that you can depend

depend on the other our home to defend

chased by the pigs you will never taste

taste of your own medicine you get when chased

never return if you have become clever

clever we are, we will be defeated never

give you a chance to go elsewhere and live

live out your days but thought you should give

to the hurt you cause with the evil you do

do not continue to bully in the place you go to

change your ways, your life rearrange

rearrange your lifestyle, embrace the change

bully is not what you must be

be something better than a big bully

Author Notes

Written for the contest : Picture Prompt Quickie, Hosted by Sonnet Diva

Rules, 14 to 30 lines, tell the tale, make me laugh.

The form used in this poem is The Mirror Sestet, created by Shelley A. Cephas,

National Poem Writing Month (April)

21st April 2013