by fortytwo6x7

Check point charlie calls to me

so manny places I should see


I have no idea what the “New Jersy Turnpike” is 

but I’m sure you need a car to get caught in the corse of it


I have a urge to get on a south bound freight and ride

a copy of catcher in the rye by my side

walk out in the streets of Laredo

or see Rosa’s cantina in El Paso

like Reacher walk between Hope and Despair

I’ll find a all night coffee shop there

strangers will sit and tell me there story

and I will write there poems filled with glory

maybe go see the Tallahatchie bridge

or on horse back at dawn come up on a ridge

go walk about near Alice Springs

see what perspective a night in the desert brings 

I can go to all those places

see a sea of unknown faces

run to the end of the earth

and then some more

till I forget what I’m running for

but no matter how far I go away

when I wake up and it is day

I have to realise there is something I can not outrun



Author Notes


It makes perfect sense to me !


Written for National Poem Writing Month (April)

22nd April 2013