by fortytwo6x7


I park the car to sit and wait

from here my life I contemplate

should I go to that place yet ?

or have another cigarette ?

that place has people they dwell within

my family, my own, my kith my kin

when I arrive, it is plane to see

none of them, seem to like me

there will have been some interaction

I will not like the chain reaction

the incessant noise I can not halt

because it will be all my fault

so in the car I wait some more

nothing to hurry, back there for

that extra hour I am employed

is one less hour to be annoyed

or simply driving round and round

no other reason need be found

or you see me in my car alone

It’s because I fear, going home

Author Notes

National Poietry Writing Month (April)

24th April 2013

When I arrived “home” my wife felt she needed to shout at me for fifteen to twenty minutes in order to “feel comfortable”. However shouting without a reason is not much fun, so she would take the smallest thing and magnify it. When not even a small thing was obvious, she just invented something. Not surprisingly, as this routine became normal, my kids joined in. I in turn put off going home, which then gave all the default complaint of “what kept you”. I now don’t like going into a house that contains people, I always expect complaints. I find it much better to enter a place devoid of people. Much better to be in and settled then wait for the complaints that come with the returning people. I have been living with my parents for over nine months, I am not met with complaints at the front door, however, I still fear going home. Hopefully, this will change with time. If someone you know is never in a rush “home”, there may well be a reason.

For more information on Male Victims of Domestic Abuse see www.mapni.co.uk

Picture Credit  driversedgru.com