by fortytwo6x7





When you confuse strength with size

there is something you do not realize

my weakness is only in your perception

you will regret that misconception

the one thing that you could never see

was the lion that lives inside of me

subservient, yes but I kept my pride

all my dignity daily I would hide

but the thing that will seal your fate

Is that I was brave enough to wait

until you could hurt others no more

beware, this lion is about to roar !



Forty Two


Author Notes


Written For National Poem Writing Month (April)

28th April 2013


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There are manny reasons people remain in abusive relationships, weakness is rarely one of them. Generally the abuser will use reputations on other people or financial levers to keep there victim in place. It is extremely hard to make the consequences on the victim worse than staying in the relationship, what is posable is to make the consequences on others bad enough that the victim chooses to stay rather than have others suffer. Until the courts realize this and begin to change judgments around custody of children, Men will generally stay, and accept anything that protects others. For more information on male victims of domestic abuse see and there paper “towards gender equality”