A Invasion of Aunts

by fortytwo6x7

It has taken me by total surprise. Since my return from exile a lot of things have surprised me but the most surprising thing has been the Aunt invasions that are sprung upon my Mum and Dads house. This latest one I will tell you about was a mini invasion, my Dad’s sisters normally travel as a trio however one was missing this day. Two Aunts only. My initial tactic during these visits had been to say a polite hello and sit quietly and listen to the conversations or slink off to my room when possible. This level of socializing is not to be charged into, i have found it necessary to acclimatize to it.

It was during these visits when I had just returned that I realized just how wonderful my family actually are. I had seen my Aunts about once every five years when I lived with “her” I had seen less of my cousins. The isolation I felt was total, I had worried about how these people I had removed myself from would react to my return. How would I fit back in, that was the question.

Perfectly was the answer ! These warm bubbly women just carried on as if I had never been away. Whats more they made a point of bringing me into conversations, asking my opinion about things. They even laugh with me, as opposed to at me. None of this should be a surprise, but it was. That says a lot more about what I learnt during 25 Years living with my ex than it does about my Aunts.

So I was sitting drinking tea with Mum, Dad and two aunts, there were three conversations bubbling along, we are getting phone numbers programed into phones. I’m surprising one Aunt with how inexpensive a smart phone on contract can be. My dad had found old photographs of my Granda and sent me up to photocopy them. He is amazed that the printer can photocopy and never misses a opportunity to show off. So I’m upstairs and urging the thing to print quicker, I want to be downstairs, I don’t want to miss anything. Thats when I realized what home feels like. I like being invaded by Aunts !