Omens in the Sky

by fortytwo6x7




I did it on a whim, then again if it was not for whims I would never do anything. I heard it on the radio that The Red Arrows were flying over the capital city of England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland as part of the Olympics Ceremony and I decided to go and have a look. One problem, they were due to fly over Belfast in fifteen minutes and I thought there was more chance of me being late than them. I quickly put my tools away and clocked out and made a dash for the car, as i headed towards the City Center believing I would miss it. Large drops of water began to splatter my windscreen, the worn wipers smudge the liquid across the screen and my head darts about finding places that give me vision, please rain, get heaver or go off, the wipers can not deal with nearly rain.

Surprisingly I find myself parking at three minutes to One, I may just make this depending on the flight path. I’m behind the City Hall, if they come towards me I will have a   clear view, if they go across I will see nothing. I am out of the car and thinking of investing thirty Pence on a parking ticket when I hear the roar. The clouds part and I rush to the junction. Five red Hawk thunder past with plums of Red White and Blue smoke trailing in there wake. I had done it, I had officially seen part of the Olympics, Live !


I took this as a omen of better things to come, I lived by omens, it is what I know.