The River Grows

by fortytwo6x7



The Nile is largely regarded as the longest river in the world. Traveling some 4184 miles from The White Nile source somewhere in Rwanda or Burundi until it reaches the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Egypt. The Blue Nile source is known and begins its life in Ethiopia. The river brings life to Eleven countries, countless communities towns and cites. It runs through Africa like a artery pumping life wherever it goes, most notably turning the desert in Sudan and Egypt into fertile lands along its banks. It is as simple as this, no Nile, no Pharaoh, no Pyramids, no Moses, no life of any description in that region. It holds over a quarter of the worlds fresh water, that is more than the combined Grate Lakes in North America and it dumps around 300 million cubic meters of water into the sea every day. To sum up, it is a big deal.


All of this begins with the trickle of water pictured above. This shows us we can not discount seemingly small trickles, they can disperse into the environment unnoticed, or become a raging torrent. If we fail to manage the flow at the source, we have only ourselves to blame when it becomes unstoppable and takes a destructive course. Yet it could be stopped it its source by a single human hand.


On the 20th April 1968 British Politician Enoch Powell gave a speech in the West Midlands Political Center in Birmingham. In this speech Enoch talked about concerns that had been brought to him by his constituents. These concerns included but were not limited to the numbers of of immigrants coming into the United Kingdom, he talked about there being no Government policy that encouraged repatriation of any immigrant. He talked about how communities were being transformed by the influx of foreigners. He talked about children knowing only one word of the English Language, and that word was “Racilalist” and how they would repeatedly chant it while following a old age pensioner, the sole indigenous resident of a street in Wolverhampton. Most strikingly he talked about how British born Nationals were fearful of the repercussions  of voicing these fears publicly. Perhaps the fears of these people were genuine because the next day Enoch was removed from his position on the Shadow Cabinet by the leader of the opposition Edward Heath. He never held a senior political post again.

Following the speech Enoch received 43,000 letters and over 700 telegrams. The weight of correspondence overwhelmed the Wolverhampton’s postal service. Of these messages a mere four telegrams and seven hundred letters were in opposition to his views.


The speech is remembered for none of these things, it is infamous for the closing lines where the draws a analogy with the Roman Vergil who foresaw “wars, terrible wars, and the river Tiber foaming with blood”.


Forty Five yeas after the speech when we look around to see if the predictions of Enoch Powell were accurate we must ask has mass immigration changed (or is it in the process of changing) the face of our country and what has been the effect of the currant multuiculturism policy ? One commentator stated the effect of this policy has been  “..To turn already separate communities into no go areas” and that “Those of a different faith or race my find it difficult to live or work there because of hostility towards them”  This statement would normally be passed off as the ranting of the far right or the work of a racist. However it is given credence because those are the words of Michael Nazir-Ali, the Pakistan born  Bishop of Rochester. Strange that a foreign person is not branded a racist and has his views taken seriously, when a British National would be castigated for the same view. We could look to Luton where hundreds marched through the streets chanting “British Police go to hell” and people stated clearly that they would only respect the law of the land if it was Islamic. We could look to the London London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham where posters have been erected declaring the areas Sharih Controlled Zones. This will mean this is an area where the Muslim community will not tolerate drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, usury, free mixing between the sexes – the fruits if you like of Western civilization. Western music and concerts are also banned within the Zone. The person behind this move Anjem Choundary claims to have thousands of people ready to go out on the streets and police the areas. I would say this constitutes a very real change to the ambiance of the areas involved and like cancer i would expect it to grow. That deals with Enoch’s prediction that the country would change. What of the rivers of blood ? In the 1980’s we had riots in Brixton, Toxteth and Handsworth but this was a small processor to the horrors in London on 7/7 when mutable bombs exploded on busses and the London Underground System.

When these attacks are visited upon us “we” are told that they are the actions of “extremists” and have no support from the vast majority of Muslims within the United Kingdom. I would say to all those that say “not in my name” the time has come for you, yes you to begin the process of removing these “extremists” from your community. If you really want to integrate into society it is time to learn the English language, remove radical preachers from you places of worship and schools, voluntary adopt western dress. I understand that you require women to cover there body in order not to “tempt” men. Personally i feel it would be better to teach your men some restraint and not place the blame on woman if they are forced to rape women because they can see a woman’s shoulder but it is possible to find clothing of a western style that covers the all the skin and  is loose enough not to show a woman’s figure, this is what we call compromise. Remove the face vail, in this country, we show our face in public. End the campaign to introduce Shariah Law for anything other than family matters, the rulings in these matters can then be ratified by a British Court if the ruling is acceptable. End so called “Honer Killings” and arranged marriages. Do this and perhaps your cries of “not in my name” will be believable. However, if it is possible for the majority that we hear so much about to control the “radicals” they could, and would have done this in there country of origin thus removing the need to come here in search of a fairer life.









I will leave you with a link to the Rivers of Blood speech and a thought.

When a Off Duty serving British Soldier is beheaded on a busy street, beside a Army Barracks, in the middle of the afternoon. When the attackers wonder up and down the street after perpetrating this disgusting act of murder for half a hour talking to passers by before the Police arrive, when the emotions of horror at this act are not accompanied by shock and disbelief, I say the rivers of blood have arrived. It is time to move from denial, to The Nile.





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