Some jokes are just not funny

by fortytwo6x7

This picture has been doing the rounds on Facebook and other social media for years.


I believe they are part of the problem, and making sights/pages remove them and part of the solution. They also need the reason explained in small easy to understand words, like these.

The thing is, a woman’s hands find themselves around a man’s throat very regularly. This would be funny if it was a outlandish statement, like say “I did a shit in the park, lets see how the dog owners like it when they are scraping human shit off the dog’s paws” or some other unlikely event. The fact that people joke about this perpetuates the myth that Women don’t hit. It makes females abusing males seem less serious. I also wonder, what the reaction would be with the word woman was replaced with Man ?
A big thank you to the Facebook page “Shut Up” Cartoon’s, for trivialising female violence, and a bit of advice. There is a difference between stupid and funny, get it right people.