My You Tube clip on Human Rights

by fortytwo6x7


Forty Two talks about Human Rights


Small steps do indeed lead to progress. This is not a new concept however the ease of the steps and the level of progress can catch you unawares. This was definitely the case in the chain of events that lead to me producing this clip. These events also show the importance of finding your voice and making it heard on the issues you believe in, as contacts you make while vocalising one form of injustice will bring your voice to the ears of people who can be important contacts in another. I will explain.

You all know my views on Domestic Abuse and the inequalities in services provided, however there is another injustice that is unfolding in Northern Ireland. The erosion of the culture and identity of the Unionist population, most noticeable in the removal of Flags and Emblems and anything that looks “too British” It was through my writing about these issues that I came into contact with the Media Office of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. For there yearly presentation on World Human Rights Day, 10th December they were looking for Protestants/Unionists to give their views on Human Rights. The perception of the Commission was given the marches and permanent Human Rights Camp in Belfast they wanted these voices on there video as it would seem they are underrepresented.

I believed their are others better placed to engage with the Human Rights Commission on this issue and suggested they contact the Progressive Unionist Party, the only political party with clear links to the camp. I also told them that there was a group of people that have even less access to there rights and a smaller voice. Male victims of domestic abuse. I explained my situation and asked if they would like my comments on that. To my surprise they were very interested and I secured a thirty second slot in the video. I was delighted about this as I knew it would put the issue somewhere it was unexpected, which is my primary objective.

Arrangements were made and the video was made. From this I got a invitation to the “launch event” and managed to speak directly to elected Members of the Assembly. I am well aware a five minute conversation is not going to bring major change, but it is a beginning.

I have edited the video and it now forms my first You Tube clip.

My question is, given thirty seconds to change opinions, what would you say ? my clip shows what I came up with. I am not a strong believer in self  but I am quite proud of this clip.

Enjoy 🙂