Ice Cream, the sane alternative to feminism.

by fortytwo6x7


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Sometimes you come across a image you just have to alter slightly and write about, this is one such case. Full disclosure, the only changes I have made the image of the girl with the message is put a line through the word “feminism” and add the words “ice cream”, in much the same way as a teacher would when a student has used the wrong word. I found the image in Google Images and there is nothing to suggest the person did not write the sentence herself. You may be asking why I felt the need to do this, put simply I have seen enough of these things posted on line that I decided to look at the issue with a bit of clarity. Here is my take on this phenomenon of people posting irrational reasons for “needing” feminism.


I do not believe people saying “Dayumm” instead of “hello” is a real problem. When someone is saying “fix bayonets”, or the lift to get out of a mine shaft is broken, or “we’re in for a bad storm” when on a Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat, that is a real problem.

I will state I have never head anyone use the term “Dayumm”, however all that means is it is not a term used in Belfast. What I hear a lot of is “bout ya” “what about you” “how are you keeping” had I lived  in Australia it would probably be “Gidday” and other places will have there own unique greetings. I fully understand that some people may not like these terms, however none of them seem to be offensive.


This is not a problem society needs to fix, merely the pet peeve of the writer if this message. Petty irritations become more pronounced when we are in a bad mood. Feminism is not equipped to improve your mood and therefore make the use of the word “Dayumm” less irritating. On the other hand there is sound scientific research that proves that Ice Cream is the “good mood food” of choice for both genders and people of all ages. It therefore stands to reason that a bowl of Ice Cream has a much better chance of putting some perspective on someone saying “Dayumm” thus removing what you class as a “problem”. I fully realise some will find this peace ridiculous. My retort is “well, she started it”.


So what of the other reasons people declare for needing Feminism ?  Such gems as “I need feminism because some people still think I don’t”. That is what we call freedom of thought, and expression. Both are protected by the Human Rights Act. “I need feminism because of the pay gap”. I have researched the Situations Vacant sections in my local press and some job sites on line. The list of companies advertising different pay grades by gender for the same position is here   1:

Please feel free to add to this empty list. “I need feminism because I don’t feel safe going out on my own at night”. Consider this, 99.9% of people who go out at night come home safe. If the streets were really as unsafe as you think the head of your local police would be sacked, the Government would be holding crisis talks and it would be the headline of every paper every day. All of this leads to some uncomfortable facts.


The Feminist movement started this campaign to highlight why everyone needs Feminism. They never once thought that peoples reasons would uncover a major flaw in there thinking, however that is exactly what has happened. Let us look at the word “need” and ask would “want” not be a more accurate description ?

need |niːd|

verb [ with obj. ]

1 require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable:


It is a fact that billions of people live a fulfilled life without feminism. You do not “need” feminism, you desire it. Next we look at the theme running through every one of this statements, it can be paraphrased as


“my life would be much better if only society was changed to help me”


This is a major difference to any other form of empowerment. Wether it be Religion, yoga, meditation, life coaches, therapists ect, they all teach a subject to be strong enough to face the world, their fears and succeed in their goals. By teaching that the world needs to change for the subject to attain success, Feminism is teaching weakness, not strength. The correct meaning for these placards is


  1. The rest of the world needs to embrace feminism to make my life better. That would mean removing the rights of freedom of speech, thought, expression of the rest of the general population. In short a complete dictatorship. Is that really what you want ?
  2.  The reliance on women being portrayed as victims and the leaders of the movement being there saviour means any real      empowerment of women removes the need for the leaders. In short the movement has a vested interest in keeping women dependent on them.


These people do not “need” Feminism. They need a proper perspective of the world at large. They need a proper understanding of the equality laws that exist. They need the ability to independently research and understand the data. They need the ability to question the leadership of the movement. When they do this they will find it is not women that need Feminism, but Feminism that needs the women. That would explain the requirement for education in Gender Studies, a qualification that leads not to success in the workplace but to slavery to a illogical ideology. That my friends is why I promote Ice Cream as the sane alternative to Feminism. It has the same positive affect on your life but Ice Cream does not demand complete obedience.