Crank that child support, see your ass in court.

by fortytwo6x7

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“Crank that child support, see your ass in court. Crank that child support, see your ass in court” There is something worrying about the woman singing that, rubbing her belly. Even before she reviles “you would a think he know better, after all the shit I did to him, the knife at his throat”. One can see she is unhinged. Then moving on to announcing she is having twins doubling the money. There can be no doubt the father of those children has every reason not to be involved with the mother. A knife to the throat is somewhere between attempted murder at worst and assault with a deadly weapon at best. We teach victims to get out of abusive relationships, right ? However if the victim is male he gets to leave his children at the mercy of a abusive person and pay child support to his abuser. Is it just me or does that seem strange ? The answers to why a woman can get away with that in America could possibly be found in the President, Barack Obama’s opinion and expectations of men and women, girls and boys. On the subject of girls and boys Obama stated


“my daughters and your daughters will forever know that there is no barrier to what they can be in the United States of America. They can take for granted that women can do anything that the boys can do, and do it better…….and do it in heels.”


I have no problem with the statement Girls can do it as well as the Boys. This is equality, however when he went on to say they can do it better he was elevating Girls above boys. Would girls automatically being better in the case of parenting have a bearing on this situation ? it would seem so. When the most influential man in the world is telling Boys they are not as good as girls that creates a problems. When the person ultimately responsible for the Government policies designed to enable all children within the United States of America is stating Girls are better and somehow more deserving it should come as no surprise to anyone that policies are being developed that help girls at the expense of boys. Child support, family courts are one example, but the more subtle advantages are equally problematic.


One only has to look at the results of the Chapter IX that sees boys Sports Scholarships removed and the creation of a Girls Only swim team at UCLAto realise something is not quite right and there are real reasons that females now make up over 60% of students at collages. In 1994, budgetary issues forced the athletic department to scrap a program that boasted 16 Olympians, 41 individual national titles, and a team title in 1982. The successful swim team has still not been replaces ten years later, and in reality the coaching staff that produced those results are now gone, and with that any chance of bringing such a successful team together. I was looking for the success of the woman’s team, I found this picture, no olympians.

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I am also curious as to what exactly Mr Obama meant by “do it in heels”. Did he in fact mean that Girls can do it better in the offices and positions of power while avoiding those places the tell you what to wear in your feet for safety reasons ? You know, like in mines, construction sites, warehouse, production lines ect. All the places males have traditionally exchanged their health and indeed there lives for cash. There is a very good reason these occupations are almost exclusively male. For example if a team is putting up power cables competent coworkers is necessary to prevent accidents and even workplace fatalities. We know that in such professions strong bonds grow between members of the squad and they do take pride in looking after their buddies. This fact means even a totally competent female causes a risk, let me explain.


In these situations where everyone has equal disposability everyone concentrates totally on the task at hand. Yes, they are aware of the risks to others around them and are constantly factoring in what they can do to help there buddy if something goes wrong. Now, insert a competent female in there and something happens. The “white knight” protector gene kicks in. Men who would let other men take there turn at the most dangerous activities begin volunteering to take on that task when it is the female’s turn. This means that when she simply must do the more dangerous tasks she is less experienced putting extra danger on both her and those around her. Also when she is carrying out these activities the rest of the squad take a disproportionate interest in what she is doing reducing the amount of checking they do on the other males. This leads me to believe in these jobs, if women are going to “do it better” it should be a all female squad.


This is where I am going to ask Barack Obama to back up his words. There are without a doubt good female operatives within the CIA and NSA and doubtless other organasations that we don’t even know exist. My challenge is for Barrack Obama to gather these fine people together and and make up his, and his families close protection team from females. As I have stated I fully believe the correct people could be found to carry out this role effectively. What I highly doubt is Barack Obama could live with this reality.


The reason is simple, close protection work is different to any other roll. When  service personnel come under fire the training is to find cover, discover the threat and eliminate the threat. People will undoubtedly look out for their buddy, they will take risks to save their buddy but there first duty has always been to keep themselves safe, dead men can not fight. However, in the event of The President coming under attack their duty is to become the cover for the President. I am curious as to how Barack Obama would feel when the person who’s job is to stop a bullet with there body is a female. Would he feel so happy about having 24/7 protection of that nature for him, his wife and his daughters. Would he then understand the nature of male disposability ? or would he veto such a plan.


On March 30, 1981, Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy had the rare experience of feeling relieved that he had been shot. The bullet, fired by John Hinckley Jr., was intended for President Ronald Reagan, but McCarthy stepped into the line of fire, taking it in the chest. I would suggest they not wear heels for this job though, they might not get to the built in time. Undoubtedly Barack has the power to make this happen, and with the amount of times I have mentioned “key phrases” someone in the American Security Service knows about this post. So go on, pass this up the line chum.

My final thought, to all those not on a “government watch list” what the fuck have you been doing with yourself and do you not feel ashamed ?