What Price Peace ?

by fortytwo6x7


This picture was taken at a Republican rally on Saturday 3rd May 2014. The people are protesting about the arrest and questioning of Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams. Pictured are Carla Ni Chuilin a Member of the Assembly for North Belfast and the currant minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure (center) and Martina Anderson who is a Northern Ireland Member of the European Parliament.

Carla Ní Chuilín was an active member in the Irish Republican Army. In 1989, she was arrested after trying to place a booby-trap bomb under the gates of Crumlin Police station. At Belfast Crown Court the following year, she was convicted of firearm possession, possession of explosives with the intent to endanger life and attempted murder. Ní Chuilín was sentenced to eight years in prison, but she was released after only four years. 

Martina Anderson was Convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in 1986 and jailed until her release under the Good Friday Agreement

Having done so much to create conflict, their cry of “Defend the peace process-release Gerry Adams” is at best strange and in everyone else’s understanding hypocritical and laughable. Somehow the people of Northern Ireland have put the defense of Peace in the hands of murderers. There is a major problem with this thinking. When the so called peace process is dependent on not pursuing charges against senior members of Sinn Fein and by default people at the top of the Northern Ireland Assembly, we are forced to ask what is the actual cost of this process


The current situation is that the President of Sinn Fien Gerry Adams was arrested and questioned at length regarding his direct involvement in the 1972 abduction and murder of mother of 10 Jean McConville. There have been long standing rummers that Mr Addams ordered this action and was actively involved in other atrocities during the Terrorist campaign waged by the Irish Republican Army. So we ask, what is the price of peace ?

Is it that the relatives of those murdered by Irish Nationalists must “go away” and forgo any form of justice for the greater good ? and if this truly is the case, is the greater good in fact what is best for  all the people in Northern Ireland. We have already heard the Deputy First Minister state if the matter is not resolved in a satisfactory manor Sinn Fein would have to reconsider its support for the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and therefore the Crown Prosecution Service. Indeed Martin Mcguniss went farther when stating

Sinn Féin’s negotiations strategy succeeded in achieving new policing arrangements, but we always knew that there remained within the PSNI an embittered rump of the old RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary).

“These people want to settle old scores, whatever the political cost.”

Is seeking justice really “settling old scores” or is it what the victim of violent crime or their family members should expect ? This is the same Sinn Fein that demand clarity around the actions of the British Army. They demand full public inquiries and indeed are seeking prosecutions for events on Bloody Sunday. The ask for this full clarity without disclosing the actions of the Irish Republican Army actions on that day. How will we as a society move forward when we are only to be told half the story ?

Gerry Addams for his part is sticking doggedly to his version of the truth. He states he was never a member of the Irish Republican Army. This assertion is very confusing given these pictures.


Gerry Adams in IRA Colour Party

Are we to believe that on the day of this funeral the Irish Republican Army were somehow short a member and Mr Addams offered to step in at make up the numbers of the colour party ?  When there is such obvious deceit in his statements how can we be expected to believe Mr Addams did not play a part in a terrorist active  service unit or indeed command the Irish Republican Army at some level. A full public inquiry is required to assertion not only the actions of Addams but other high ranking Sinn Fein members. If justice is a danger to the Peace Process I believe the peace process is over priced.

I would also question how much a peace process that had its 16th Anniversary marked by the murder of Tommy Crossan at the illegal fuel laundering plant he ran on Belfast’s Springfield Road. That witnessed the Omaha Bombing that murdered 29 people in 1998. Two men Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly were convicted in a civil case but as yet no person has been convicted in a criminal court.

If this is the cost of the peace process, we, the honest decent people of Northern Ireland have no farther use for it. At the upcoming elections it should not be the individual parties having their future decided but the whole assembly.