Boycot Sculpture

by fortytwo6x7

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Negative body image has for so long been thought of as woman’s issue. The reason is simple, the media has put it forward as a single gender issue. They site glamor magazines and Barbie dolls as presenting a unachievable goals. It is a fact that plastic surgery and air brushing proves that this image of “beautiful” fake, therefore presenting women with unachievable goals. However, is there really no pressure on males to look in a certain way ? I believe men are subjected to the same pressures from magazines, the body shape of Action Man and GI Joe not to mention a certain Daniel Craig walking out of the water as James Bond. The pressure is there, its just presented differently, with different outcomes.

With men it is not glamor/sexy they sell, its health and fitness. The use of these words makes it acceptable. I do think exercise and good diet, real health is a good thing and have a positive inapt on most peoples lives. However those attempting to advance that need to be mindful of how they go about it, and we, as people need to be careful of who’s advice we take. The health risks associated with exercise are swept under the carpet and with people at the top of profession being charged with “taking banned substances” where the only visible repercussion is being banned from competition or having medals removed it is easy to see why men are in record numbers moving to the use of steroids. A leading drug and alcohol charity CRI, who run 21 needle exchanges say that the numbers using their services had risen from 290 people in 2010 to 2161 in 2013.

That is a increase is 645% in that organisation alone. The tip of the iceberg.

The side affects of taking steroids include, but are not limited to : The list of side effects range from acne, hair loss and shrunken testicles, to fertility, liver and heart problems. It is for that reason when you pick i gym or trainer you have a duty to yourself to insure that person is interested in your health and has integrity in their set of personal values.

Before I move on to talk about a individual Personal Trainer and Gym I want to make it perfectly clear I have no evidence whatsoever that Will Johnstone Sculpture or the Gym Belfast Sculpture are involved in the use or distribution of steroids. They could be clean on that front. They got into this post for being idiots, not a usually named side affect of steroids but they came to my attention as everything you don’t want in a PT and I had to cover steroids as part of bad gym practices.

Last week a Facebook page sprang up called Boycott Sculpture. It’s aim was to highlight the activities of a Personal Trainer named Will Johnstone Sculpture who took a strange decision to use the death of child Cancer Sufferer Oscar Knox to promote his gym. Oscar has been on the news during his battle with cancer. His smiling face during adversity has won the hearts of the nation and he has became the face of the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice and is now on a mural with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. His family’s brave decision to allow the country to share their story has undoubtedly raised awareness and lead to much needed donations to the Children’s Hospice.


When a Personal Trainer is willing to piggy back on this story I doubt there is much he would not do in order to gain success.

Will Johnstone and others at his gym sent tweets to the effect of Poor Oscar could not train, why do people that can not get themselves fit. There is absolutely no need to bring Oscar into his motivational messages and the only possible reason would be to gain publicity.

The Facebook page attempting to publicise this disappeared as quickly as it appeared, the reason was constant threats of violence. One of the screen shots I managed to copy before it was taken down was a message from Will to someone that will remain nameless stating “Who am I ? I’m Will Johnstone Sculpture who is now the most famous PT in Belfast and super rich. Who are you ? Ps, get your teeth fixed Not the sort of person you really want to be making decisions about your diet, exercise and health. It is clear that Will has the best interests of himself at heart. By all means get active, get healthy, eat and train right, but get the advice off someone that is professional and realises that other peoples health is more important than their ego.