Ban Bossy Behaviour

by fortytwo6x7

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The Ban Bossy Campaign has been described as a epic own goal by the feminist movement for many reasons. Not least that it addresses the word bossy but does nothing to address the behavior of girls. For those of you saying what campaign ill give you a quick run down. The premiss of the campaign is that the use of the word Bossy is reducing the confidence of girls. They state this the reason women do not develop into leaders sand that if we stop calling girls bossy they will be free to become successful.


The fact that the campaign is promoted by very successful women, which proves that provided the woman in question possesses the necessary ability to exile at their chosen field women can indeed succeed. This fact renders the campaign unnecessary. Unfortunately this piece of logic is lost on those running the campaign.  As is the irony of ending with the line “I’m not bossy, I’m the Boss”

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The cherry picking of facts and the assumption that no woman or girl ever acts in a bossy, controlling, manipulating manor is also a large flaw. As we strive for equality we must include consequences for actions and a realistic appraisal of peoples behavior. That must include looking at the actions of both yourself and those you represent and casting a critical eye. It must include examples of both good and bad character traits in order that the young can emulate the good and avoid the bad. None of this is trying to re invent the wheel but seems to be missing from the campaign. The big question is, would it be possible for the people running this campaign to be confronted by Bossy behavior and not recognise it ? and what would the implications for the campaign be if it were proved they could not ?

This is the uncomfortable truth for Beyonce Knowles. If someone goes out of their way to in involve themselves in political or gender based campaigns it is entirely reasonable to judge their actions or inaction against the campaign’s they take part in. How should one react when a family member behaves in a indefensible way in public ? This is the problem faced by Beyonce Knowles. As most of you will be aware her sister Solange attacked her husband J Zee in a lift at the Met Ball. After the attack Jay Z left the event alone and Beyonce went “home” with her sister.  You can view the incident in the link below.

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The media coverage has centered around what Jay Z had said or done to provoke the attack. There has been a absence of condemnation and the police have ignored the situation. Beyonce has came out of the event with praise for standing to the side ignoring the blows her sister was raining down on her husband and allowing her bodyguard to deal with the situation. There is no doubt that this outburst is designed to at the very least modify the behavior of Jay Z. Apart from unacceptable and violent would we also class this as bossy in the extreme ? Has it even went beyond bossy into bullying territory, aided by the social constraints of a man should never hit a woman, no matter what. We must also question is this a predictable result from giving a repeated message to girls they are never being bossy but “leading” when they force people to do as they say ?

We can never know what occurs behind closed doors. However the fact that this outburst was timed and placed in what Solange believed to be a private space tells its own story. 

 Should Beyonce not have said something in the press about this being unacceptable ? Given the high profile of both herself and her husband and the fact Beyonce engages in campaigns about acceptable behaviour she should have said something. Given her silence we must assume she felt nothing was wrong with this. If you can be in a enclosed space where your sister lashes out at your husband and manage to ignore it, I doubt she would notice young girls exhibiting Bossy Behaviour. This inability to understand the difference between right and wrong undermines the validity of any campaign she is a figurehead for. 

One final thought on this campaign.  Given the intelligence of these people, I am sure they all know at some level the word bossy was replaced when describing a overbearing demanding woman that throws temper tantrums.

Will we have a ban Diva campaign next ?