Illusion Shattered

by fortytwo6x7


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Epic encounters between Liverpool and Man Utd

were played on concrete, in our street


Adidas kick, the trainers of dreams

but a school  plimsole would score the goal


The game was on a knife edge

9-9 the score, game ends with one more


“Pearson” is free with a open net

“Tommy Smith” takes away his feet, “Pearson’s” nose crunches on concrete


High pitched boys scream and shout

it is a penalty without doubt


“Steve Coppell” steps up to take the spot kick

a deadly silence fills the street as plimsole and football meet


the sound of the strike fills the street

it echoes off the narrow terraced houses

windows rattle

adults come out to investigate the source of the sound

radios are turned to the “police messages”

children look around in bewilderment

before the questions of where was it

have been answered

another bomb blast is heard through the street

the ball rolls away


Belfast, 21st January 1975.

The Irish Republican Army set off a series of bombs.

I was 8.

That was the day the illusion, of miners blasting on Cave Hill

was shattered.

Author Notes

My parents had did a good job of protecting me from the reality of what some call “the troubles” in Northern Ireland. I was lead to believe the blasts we grew up with were the result of “Blasting” much akin to what you see in old Western Movies with sticks of Dynamite taped together. To get that to stick until I was 8 was quite a feet, and I thank them for it.

Too all those that believed they lived through the terrorist campaign and were untouched, hopefully this poem will show the disruption that was inescapable, affected you. It just became normal, to you. That does not mean your life was normal.

The names of the players are the names of Liverpool and Manchester United players of that year. For those of you that don’t know, it is very normal for boys to use the name of their favourite player while playing, its just a boy thing. Typically street football (Soccer) is 10 the winner, 5 change round.

Picture Credit : Getty Images