The Establishment

by fortytwo6x7

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They sit in office

creating a charade

a false front a fake facade

competing in elections

creating the illusion of choice

promising constituents

to provide a voice


they rise and rise, they travel so far

but can never reach

the corridors of power

for in the shadows

where they can’t go

civil servants and pressure groups

run the show


when the electorate see

the absence of change

its the elected officials

they rearrange

or one wrong word

can cause a fall from grace

public declare them

a disgrace

while corrupt civil servants remain in place


look closely at comities

where we cant go

and you will find we a ruled

by a fucking quango

These unelected institutions

protected by public prosecutions

create a climate of fear when questions appear

co-ordinated conditions can conflate

creating a democratic police state


Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved

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Author Notes

Producing a poem a day has its own set of problems, this poem is one of them. It is what I would call a “fixer upper”. However it’s a case of this or nothing for today I had a slightly better version, but deleted it by mistake and this is the re write version, it is what it is……..