by fortytwo6x7

2015-03-21 02.20.21

Was it “them” or was it “they”

that took away your power today

that with a keystroke gave a nudge

and hid their input with a fudge


A NGO with the power to lobby

or a hacker with a destructive hobby

a civilian with the urge to shout

that with there words sow seeds of doubt


is the culprit a powerful cabal

who’s secret members you know well

rummers of their guilt you will dispel

for at illusion they excel


did the innocent you defame

by pointing uninformed blame

asking not from where the evidence came

when “they are a traitor” you proclaim


with these Chinese Whispers you create

the evidence of a police state

any opposition you berate

and then more whispers you conflate


before to long everybody

is part of the conspiracy

so then a purge you must decree

but who can you trust to oversee ?


when of the source you do not enquire

but sing as one as a choir

eventually it will transpire

the chattering classes do conspire



Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved.

Picture Credit : This picture is being displayed at the Stazi Museum, Berlin. It is titled “Stazi, Stazi everywhere” and is of a East German photographer that was eventually found to be employed by the feared secret police.