Change Please

by fortytwo6x7

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Change Please

Iv’e made up the numbers all of my life

trying to hide my internal strife

get up every day because i just wont give in

praying inside that someday il’l win



some small adulation

to rid my soul

from internal damnation

it’s like I’m sprinting on a treadmill

just to stand still

and the game’s not straight

because it’s pointed uphill

But then I look around and I can see

lots of men getting it much worse than me

society says men have never had it so good

but I see the homeless man out there

begging for food

Education Minister saying

everything is cool

as a generation of boys

just drop out of school

the family court system

is poisoned well

designed to use men up

and put them through hell

every country is demanding

men do their patriotic chore

but even if you make it home

you can still  be killed by war

its time to talk about

what the system wants to hide

the veterans on the streets

or committing suicide

if you are thinking

I am being obtuse

where is your nearest shelter

for male victims of abuse ?

Take a look through my eyes

at what I can see

the condensing messages

society is sending me

You want me to

“Man up” “step up” be a “real man” ?

well i’m here to throw a spanner

in that master plan

there are thousands every day

that are taking the red pill

we are all real men and

w’eve got free will

we are not going to listen

to what you say

we are taking back our pay cheque

and going our own way

we are not going to settle

for third or forth class

you can take your false equality

and shove it up your ass

You want me to

“step up” “man up” be a “real man” ?

well i’m here to throw a spanner

in that master plan

in the government, the court

and on the street

you are going to be dancing

to a brand new beat

Houston, Texas.

is the place to go

we are bringing on the heat

with the Mens Rights show

we will scream it from the rooftops

until you have no choice

except at accept Men have now got a voice


Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved

Picture Credit : Banksy mural/Printrest

Author Notes

On the 30th October A Voice for Men will open it’s second International Conference on Men’s Issues. For those that wonder why men would need a conference, I will provide some figures you might not have realised.

98% of War fatalities, are men

95 % of Rough Sleepers, are men.

90% of Workplace fatalities, are men.

80% of suicides, are men.

50% (approx) of all victims of domestic abuse, are men. Look for your nearest shelter and you will realise there is none.

40% of Third level graduates, are men.

Change is required, for more information see the link to the conference.