Starting From Scratch

by fortytwo6x7

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Forget the past and start anew

Is sometimes what you have to do

burn your boat on a foreign shore

and you are gone for evermore

for a better person to create

you must first start with a clean slate


Move in to ramshackle space

create a haven, your own place

with thoughts and feelings of your own

build your castle, claim your throne

on other’s voice,  should you heed

trust yourself, you will succeed


Then seek out your own desires

and light the world with your own fires

each thought and deed a victory dance

and every day you will advance

forget the pain you have amassed

there is no future in the past



Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved

Picture Credit : Forty Two. That is the bedroom wall of the Council House (one bedroom flat(1)) I have been granted. The rest of it is only marginally better. I will post poems/pictures of the improvements as they happen.

Author Notes


After 25 years of abuse, 2 and a half years of charity I am moving forward as a new person in a new place. If you are reading this, you have came to my life during the transition, and you are part of what I am taking forward.  Thank you for being here. All others in my life are now obscured by the burning bridge I left between myself and them. That is what starting from scratch means to me.

Written for the contest “what does starting from scratch mean to you”

By the group “Starting from scratch” on all poetry.