Day Sixteen (written for fun)

by fortytwo6x7

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Write a poem a day they said

it will be fun, they said

they never mentioned writers block

or a brain in full gridlock

or a clock going tick tock

the midnight deadline disappears

and thoughts arrive between my ears

write of people hopes and fears

weave songs of sorrow causing tears

or a mystical beast that suddenly appears

write the wrongs of society

write about a childhood me

but as soon as one thought will unfold

a different subject will upload

another story to be told

which puts my previous train of thought on hold

Or Berlin

or turin

or places that i’ve never been

or wise words so prophet said

the fucked up thoughts inside my head

How am I supposed to get a viable poem

out of that batch of thoughts

its like building the Eiffel Tower

out of spaghetti hoops

it would never work

or would it ?


Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved.

Picture Credit : Yago Partal