The Retribution Regiment

by fortytwo6x7

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In the shadows, in the mist

I tell you that they do exist

creatures that see all

but never tell

just bewitch you

with their wicked spell

that for your sins, you make recompense

or the madness will commence

those that mock the sick or weak

will choke upon the words they speak

the air from their lungs will disappear

their throat pierced by unseen spear

those that walk with unearned pride

will have a thorn cast in their side

their efforts will never bare fruits

and their life will be filled with disputes

those that covet, filled with greed

will never have all that they need

those that gorge when’er they feed

will never be allowed to breed

those who anger at bad news

and the messenger they abuse

will not be told the tales of joy

lest those stories they destroy

the pixies of one breed alone

the karma faries, the gods of atone

I tell you that they do exist

In the shadows, in the mist


Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved

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Author Notes

For Sale, by owner. One muse, will exchange for light hearted fun character capable of sticking on task………