The Void

by fortytwo6x7

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The summer sun, will warm my skin

but it will not thaw the chill within

the icy cold inside my core

will require something more

my limbs are heavy at resting state

flavourless food sits upon my plate

my hands will shake, my throat is dry

try as I might I just cant cry

I have smiled real smiles

twice this year

on the occasions you were near

my symptoms vanish instantly

when you feel close to me

five senses spring to life

my brain relived from daily strife

it is your essence, not your name

that brings me back to life again

The ice returns when you depart

along with the weight within my heart

another memory locked away

that I recall day upon day

and so I sit in summers glow

refusing to let the turmoil show

and let my memory quietly race

to the warmth of our last embrace


Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved

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Author Notes

This poem was written without gender or reference to the type of relationship, this was intentional. The sadness that comes from missing someone is universal wether it be a parent denied access to there child or a solider away to war. Work commitments and a multitude of things separate fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, husbands, wives, friends and lovers.     Hopefully this poem will mean something to all who are for whatever reason, living with a void.