St George

by fortytwo6x7

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George, slayer of dragons, soldier of Rome

who against the Emperor stood alone

ordered to reject Christ, he would not obey

so with his life he would pay

he gave his wealth to the sick and poor

then prepared for the ordeal he would endure

23rd April, year three hundred and three

was the date of George’s destiny

a wheel of swords was the torture device

he died and was revived not once but thrice

throughout the ordeal no repentance was said

so they took him out and cut off his head


Forty Two

© Forty Two, all rights reserved.

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I had no real idea why George was sainted before today, so I looked it up. In todays world The Truth is defined as a widely held view regardless of the facts. If this story is new to you, and I suspect most only know about the mythical dragon, I implore you to look closely at all the things you “know”