The Forrest of Death

by fortytwo6x7

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You come to our land to raid and plunder
into our woods you thoughtlessly blunder
with horses charging hoof’s like thunder
laid waste to our most sacred space
twas the weak and lame you did chase
now this will be your final resting place 

Five thousand years we ruled this land
so manny days like grains of sand
we lived with this forrest hand in hand
look around at what you would debase
as darkness falls we start the chase
this will be your final resting place

you will loose your way it will transpire
your horses wallow in the mire
as we decimate you with our fire
this is our land, we are not afraid
we bring vengeance with a serrated blade
no one shall come to your aid

Forty Two
© Forty Two, all rights reserved

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