Who am I ?

by fortytwo6x7

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i once was young but am getting old
and so my story must be told
i built the chimneys that caused pollution
the workhorse of industrial revolution

in the linen mills the work was maniac
my hands built that ship titanic
people and goods i did export
ships from all nations i saw through port

i made fine rope, Delorian cars
I’ve served a million pints in bars
i fought my battles, i show my scars
but yet I hold what we call ours

I’m proud of my traditions
orange and green
hindu, seek and Muslim
and all shades between

who am i ?

i am the first
i was built to last
i am indestructible
i am Belfast

Forty Two
© Forty Two, all rights reserved
Picture Credit : BBC

Author Notes
To close my collection for National Poem Writing Month I am writing about the City I call home. I hope you have enjoyed the month and found some value in the poems. My personal favourites were The Void and Chaos and Calm. Thank you all for reading.