Parental Alienation

by fortytwo6x7

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I stand in the shadows
afore a bridge of my own construction
that spans the chasm of absence
the bridge is large and wide
thick iron plate riveted together
with thick iron
sleepers of ebony provide platform
the bridge will be here
when I am not

I scan the other side
the temptress wind
causes bushes to mimic movement
I walk out onto the bridge
and call to the other side
self doubt creates a echo
combining with longing
to scream back

I walk farther along the bridge
to the spear of forsaken
the long bow of discarded
and the rifle of rejection
I peer into the wilderness on the other side
I will not enter there
it conceals venomous snakes
the land is a quagmire
a place from which I may not return

So I stand by my bridge
a lonely sentinel
waiting for someone to cross
the sun is dipping
toward the west
my hope
is that someone crosses
before the last of my strength
leaves me

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