Why ?

by fortytwo6x7

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 20.34.03

I look for answers in the sky

but none will come whenever I try

I seek inspiration from the tides of the see

but no coherent reasons come to me

before I sleep I wreck my brain

the cogs just turn again and again

this question drives me to distraction

it filters into every action

I find myself standing motionless in the kitchen

while the question gives my brain a itchin

the secrete knowledge I must now acquire

to solve this problem oh so dire

I pray that the gods would conspire

to get my brain out of the mire

kept awake at night with a cold sweat

but still no answer can I get

three days three nights but still no sleep

confusion makes me fall and weep

disillusioned in the dark

I fall asleep. out like a spark

I waken from the sleep of the dead

and ask, why is a cricket ball red ?