The Disposable Soldiers

by fortytwo6x7

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The Disposable Soldiers

The unknown soldier adored by kings

who pay tribute to his angel wings

for his sacrifice they feel blessed

so to his worth they do attest

taken from a foreign field

buried with his sword and shield

with kings and queens he takes his place

with dignity honour and grace


The known solider served the same cause

but he receives no such applause

he gave his all, his youth his prime

destroyed himself serving on the line

then returned to swallow this bitter pill

he had became disposable

his retirement home are the city streets

that is the fait he to often meets

and so every government I will name

you are the source of your countries shame.




Author Notes.

In the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Germany, actually in most countries world wide approximately 1 in 4 rough sleepers have served in the military of that country. In countries with conscription and conflict the situation is worse. People need to separate there opinions on government policies or decisions on when to engage in conflict and the outcome for individual people that served. It is a fact that countries will always have army’s, if there are not enough volunteers, they will conscript. This fact means that the serving solider or the veteran, in a land without conscription, is the reason you were not forced to serve. This is a people issue, not a political one.