Shame (Justice For The 96)

by fortytwo6x7

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Cage them like animals
for that’s what they are
like cattle we ship them
by train from afar

At the station we greet them
with men dressed in black
who move them along
with a yell and a whack

Then in through the gates
they go one by one
at that point we search them
to see what they brung

The commander is worried
It’s moving too slow
can we process them faster
the answer is no

Then open the big gate
and herd them on in
then it’s no longer my problem,
I’m bored with this din

We will say that they done it
they’ve caused trouble before
we just could not stop them
they kicked down the door

For they came by the thousand
they came wearing red
by the time it is over
96 would be dead

Then we protect the guilty,
with lies and deceit
we will say that they robbed
the dead in the street

We will tarnish a city,
give the innocent the blame
for it will be the commander
that attributes the blame

MPs feed reporters
with falsehoods and lies
that’s the way to be certain
the truth also dies

For 23 years
the people oppressed
threw stones at the tide
until it regressed

And then came the day,
the truth was revealed
but more must be done
for wounds to be healed

It’s not yet a victory
the fight just half won
only one thing is certain
we still boycott The Sun

Now it is time for justice
the guilty need tried
to prove who is responsible
for those that have died

The chant may start on the Kop
but it is certain to grow
the nation will join us
for they all want to know

Are you acting
Are you acting
Are you acting Downing Street
Are you acting Downing Street

On April 15, 1989, ninety-six children, men and women lost their lives at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough stadium.
Following a tireless campaign led by bereaved families and survivors, in 2012 the High Court quashed the original accidental death verdicts and ordered new inquests. Those inquests are still ongoing.
Some basic facts, the stadium had no valid safety certificate, Sheffield Wednesday had put partitions in the terracing known as “Cages” in order to segregate rival fans. However after they did this they neither reduced the capacity or redesigned the back of the tickets, which meant all fans were directed to the entrance of the centre “cage”. There was a smaller scale crush in this terracing at the FA Cup Semi Final the previous year, leading to a number of crush injures and broken bones, despite this the Football Association still felt it fit and proper to award the next Semi Final to Sheffield Wednesday without first insuring the previous crush had been investigated and improvements had been made to the ground. This was the first large match that David Duckenfield, the chief superintendent in command had been responsible for policing, he admitted that he “froze” when he ordered a large exit gate to be opened to allow hundreds of supporters in, to relieve congestion outside. He failed to foresee that the incoming fans would head down the tunnel leading to the crowded pens, so did not close it off.
In the aftermath of the disaster, these facts and more, were hidden while the victims were handed the blame, The tabloid newspaper “The Sun” went farther and printed lies about the behaviour of the Liverpool fans.
It is well past the time there was Justice For The 96, and the shame was rightly placed.