by fortytwo6x7

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The students

galvanised by there leaders

marched by torchlight through the cities

armed only with books

25,000 books

at their destination

thousands gathered

to watch them

sing, dance and take oaths

illuminated by the flames

of burning books

that was May 10th 1933

34 German University towns

removed the words

deemed unacceptable


Eighty years of progress

building a society

based on acceptance



and social justice

mean mobs will never

take to the city streets

and burn the words they disagree with

why would they ?

when they can simply

galvanise students

to shut down seminars on male suicide

in the name of safe spaces

or mass report facebook pages

to have opinions that contradict theirs removed

from the comfort of their own home

and the anonymity

of a sock puppet account


Perhaps progress

has been imagined