The Unaccountable Censors

by fortytwo6x7


To all of you that tried to kill

the documentary The Red Pill

to stifle, strangle or drown at birth

or cast onto the ends of the earth

the work of which you disapprove

and so you scurried to remove

the peoples choice and free will

to decide to watch The Red Pill


I ask you now do you regret

as you witness the Streisand Affect

and the result of the publicity

is that more people will come to see

the hateful words you did proclaim

only to find the MRA’s are sane

and detest your removing your free will

to decide to watch The Red Pill


Then comes the sting within the tail

as they examine the detail

and realise your censorship

is a symptom of the crazed power trip

of the feminist ideology

who’s faults become plain to see

with the understanding and free will

that come with taking The Red Pill


Author Notes

In 2013 film maker and documenter Cassie Jaye decided to make a documentary about the Mens Rights Movement. As a feminist she fully expected her look into the shadows would reveal the toxic views and violent behaviour she had been told permeate the movement.

However what she found contradicted her preconceived notions and the year of filming and year of post production editing changed her world view. Full discloser, I have not seen the completed film, It has not had a viewing in my country yet and I will write about this film as soon as I get the opportunity to watch it. However I have seen her interviews post release and I know a lot of the people interviewed in the documentary and my conclusions on the film is based on this knowledge.

Since beginning this project Cassie has faced opposition from the Feminist movement, firstly in demanding editorial control in return for funding. She refused this “assistance” the project stalled but was saved by free speech advocates who donated to her kickstarter campaign. Post production Feminists have managed to get the Melbourne showing shut down, and there seem to be problems with the London showing.

At this stage the question cease’s to be the validity of either side’s point of view but should those views be allowed to be heard. It would seem some people have used the book 1984 as a guide, not a warning.