Legalised Mutilation

by fortytwo6x7


The baby shrieked

then took its first breath

the nurses took it from the mother

and placed it on the table

they inspected

anxiously new parents

tried to look through the nurses

and see their first born

minutes became hours

the baby returned


Smiling faces

bring a clean baby wrapped in a blanket

placed in mothers arms


you have a perfect son

ten fingers

ten toes

everything is fine

we can book him into surgery

in two days time


The perfect baby

is no longer perfect

the fear of its fragility

had disappeared in seconds

one third of the skin

on its penis

would be surgically removed

before the child saw “home”

it would scream in a torture chamber

before it left hospital

it is bereft of legal protection

from mutilation

because he is a boy


The dehumanisation of males

begins at birth


Author Notes

The video link below is audio only, there is nothing to see, but the sound is very hard to listen to. I believe he is saying no.