by fortytwo6x7


Day one

it was smooth

like newborn skin


Days two and three

sharp stubble simulated sandpaper

reminding me abnormalities

require examination and understanding

or action


By day seven

it is soft, pleasing to the touch

my hand is drawn to my face

exploring the change


By day nineteen

it will be a prominent feature

demanding to be noticed

as will the events

of International Mens Day


On day thirty one

it will be cut down

and again my features

will change dramatically


Individually, it means little

but there are many

completing this transformation

the millions of moustaches

causing millions more

men and women to donate

that make thousands

of projects posable

the trillion conversations

that rase awareness


the changing face

of mens health


Author Notes

The Movember Foundation is dedicated to tackling Men’s Health on a global scale. There fundraising peeks during Movember when men seek sponsorship for growing moustaches. The the change in physical appearance representing the changing face of men’s health. November 19th is International Mens Day. A day where men hold events to raise the issues that affect Men and Boys and to celebrate the achievements of Men and Boys.  For more information on the Movember Foundation and International Mens Day see the links below.