The Antidote to Man Flu

by fortytwo6x7


Man flu is not a decease

or a medical condition

but shameful terminology

and psychological attrition

designed to keep men working

and pretend they are not ill

because their health is less important

than the tasks they must fulfil


Then the demand that men “man up”

translates to ignore distress or pain

ignore your personal wellbeing

for anther’s personal gain

compounded by the social stigma

should a man dare to complain

or should he show emotion

people react like he’s insane


The ratlin and prozac

that the doctors freely give

create controlled existence

and stifle the ability to live

it’s time to end the shame

silence the voices in your head

and the first step is to prescribe

a pill thats coloured red


Author Notes

On average, world wide women outlive men by 4 years, women living to 74 and men 70. The highest life expectancy is in Europe and North America where women average 81 years in both continents and men average 75 in Europe and 77 in North America.

By simply changing our attitudes to mens health, we could become the first generation where our son’s live as long as our daughters.

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