Band of Brothers

by fortytwo6x7


I wonder if the dead could speak

what ever would they say

when they contemplate society

and how we behave today

the silent sleeping sentinels

that lye forever where they fought

would they think we made the best use

of the choices their sacrifice bought


Do they watch us as we gather

to in solemn silence stand

as the bugle plays the last post

would they take you by the hand

then lead you to a ally

or a doorway cold and damp

and show you todays veteran

living like a tramp


Then demand that the reverence

reserved for the fallen of yesteryear

be converted into services

for the veterans that are still here

for the spirits of the old soldiers

and today’s are intertwined

a single band of brothers

let not one be left behind


Author Notes

In America 22 veterans kill themselves every day. In the UK there is not enough research to give accurate information, it is believed a serving soldier kills themselves every two weeks and estimated the count for veterans is around double that number. In Australia a special investigation found 41 military personnel and veterans took their own life in the first 7 months of this year. The same number of fatalities in 13 years of fighting in Afghanistan. What is crystal clear is we loose more soldiers to suicide than we do in conflict. We also know that a lot of veterans are homeless. In the USA the figure is 1 in 4 of all homeless are veterans. In the UK figures ranging between 1 in 4 and 1 in 10 homeless being veterans have been claimed. The fact that nobody actually knows is a damming indictment in its self.

What we know for a fact is that on Armistice Day, the great and the good of the political world will line up for a photo opportunity laying reefs and showing there respects for the war dead. I say photo opportunity as if these people actually cared about those that have served their country they would fix the problems. So, if you see your local political leader has attended a act of remembrance, feel free to contact them and ask what they are doing for todays veterans.