by fortytwo6x7

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I want to start by making something very clear, so that their can be no confusion. I am advocate for the rights of Men and Boys. I wish to see changes to the legal systems, the medical practices, the government policies, and also the social assistance systems that currently disadvantage Men and Boy’s. Yes, where their is a blindingly obvious issue that affects human rights in general I will speak up, and where females seek assistance from me, with a valid case, I will give whatever assistance I can. However my priority is advocating for the rights of Men and Boy’s. This has been my unwavering position from I escaped the witch mid 2012 and shortly after when I started writing about my experiences and subsequently  found the Mens Rights Movement around the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013.

In the latter part of 2016 Professor Jordan Peterson came to prominence due to his stance on gender neutral pronouns. He stated that a law forcing Canadians to use proscribed pronouns was an assault on the English Language. On this I agree. His recent interview with Cathy Newman on Chanel 4 in the UK has been widely held as a triumphant victory, and it was for those opposed to cultural marxism or feminism, but not necessarily for those advocating for the rights of Men and Boy’s.   From the end of 2016 until the present day Jordan Peterson’s content has been widely shared around the Mens Rights Movement. Farther he has largely been treated as something akin to the new Messiah, the bringer of new information, this is what has confused me.

Their can be no doubt Jordan Peterson is intelligent or articulate, or that he has observed society as it really is, but that does not make him a advocate for the rights of Men and Boys. 

To be a advocate for change, one must go past making observations of the world as it is. One must point out and demand the changes that must be made to rectify the situation. To date I have been unable to find any such words from Jordan Peterson despite using too much of my time listening to words. The one group of people he demands change from without hesitation are men. He frequently asserts that if men, particularly young men, would just straighten their shoulders, clean up their act and fly right, it would profit themselves, their family and society. His willingness to to demand these changes of young men afflicted with the situation Mens Rights Advocates recognise as “Failure to Launch”, coupled with his willingness to malign those not willing sacrifice themselves for the greater societal good, or wife up and provide for women, show that it is not the interests of individual men Peterson advocates for, but societies.

It is my view that men, as a group, have sacrificed enough. 

Men fought wars to enforce freedom of thought and expression. Men gave and still give their lives to bring electricity, clean water, the minerals that power your car, the city streets you live on, the protections of law enforcement and so many other things you take for granted. Men as a group owe society nothing. Until society realises “Men’s” debt has already been paid in full for a very long time, I require young men that live with their parents and enjoy their life and change nothing. Until society values its sons as much as it values its daughters, I advise young men duck and cover. It is a battlefield out their, and society is clean out of medals. Even if it were not, you don’t want one.

I say sending young men out into a world that is stacked against them, where no amount of straightening their shoulders and flying right will compensate for bias in divorce law or family court is folly. When boys of 6 days old do not receive the same protections under law as adult women, I say something is very wrong. To Jordan Peterson I say, if you have a problem with feminists on campus, demand gender studies be abolished, as Prof Janice Fiamengo has done, or would that put you outside your comfort zone ? Realising the problem, and stating the obvious is the easy bit, demanding change is somewhat more problematic. I have came to realise that is the hurdle Peterson has yet to jump. This understanding made my life less problematic.

it is possible to be intelligent and articulate, without advocating for the rights of Men and Boy’s.