About Forty Two

Forty Two is anonymous poet with a mission to raise the awareness and create debate within  society on matters otherwise not talked about. Forty Two also has a strong interest in holding large organisations to account. Creative writing is Forty Two`s weapon of choice. Don`t panic, Forty Two also has a fun side which can be found in the poems entered in contests or the written for fun series.

I am a “escapee” from a 25 year abusive relationship. I am using the term escapee because i really cant fathom how to classify myself. I am no longer a victim, however I am not yet a survivor, i need to earn that label, I’m somewhere on the road in-between and definitely hobbling towards the survivor destination, ill let you know when i get there, and i will get there.

This page, and every thing i do at the minute is being powered by a strange version of the fabled improbability drive installed on the space ship in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. My conclusion being that i have tried logical, methodical, reasoned movements in all aspects of life and have not liked the results, and have now taken to doing the most improbable thing in any given situation in the belief that the sheer shock factor will carry me through to a positive outcome…….actually, expect a poem about that soon. One thing everyone reading this should understand, at the end of the day, its night lol

Thank you for taking the time to read this

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Originally, I was going to re-write, and delete the first version of the “about me” section of my blog, I was also going to write this around two months ago. I am glad I did not as I feel both of these decisions would have been a mistake. The reasons are simple. As I move forward I feel it would be wrong to purge the past, much better to leave it intact and learn from it. Secondly, writing this two months ago, I would not have had a real understanding of where I am in the recovery process and would have been writing a estimate of how I thought life would be. So here goes, welcome to the all new Forty Two, a slightly improved version, with a slightly improved bio.

I am a poet, writer, blogger and a advocate for for the rights of men. I am also a survivor of a 25 year abusive relationship. I do not use the “Survivor” label lightly. I am now living independently, I have my own home, it is rented, but it’s mine. I am in control of my diet, responsible for my finances and will either prosper or perish as a result of my decisions, and my decisions alone. I am leaving the improbability drive behind and beginning to plan. Budget and finances have became a “thing” as has routine, a (semi) regular sleep pattern and exercise. I have arrived at the point where the safety net of excuses have been removed and I will either fly, or crash and burn. Expect flight, I did not come this far to fail, and I look forward to sharing my story with you all.