Who Killed Chris Mackney

by fortytwo6x7


Who really killed Chris Mackney

look into the shadows and you will see

the sharks that prowl within the courts

and the judges, their main cohorts

that feed upon the bones of men

and repeat the process again and again

Chris Mackney did not kill himself

he was murdered by destroying his mental health

by torture you could not conceive

with no justice possible, to receive

the judges and lawyers in the system

they are the people that did kill him

the police that would take him off to jail

when to pay child support he did fail

you can not pay what you have not got

a simple fact the system forgot

those that delivered impossible demands

they all have blood upon their hands

Who really killed Chris Mackney

look in the shadows and you will see

the lawyers that striped away his pride

that way his fait they did decide

he cried out but no one could hear

and locked him in a prison, we call fear

Chris rose four times from the dust

found employment to earn a crust

yet each time he was struck back down

becoming homeless in his home town

the man that proudly sold real estate

the system caused a humiliating fate

they took away his last will to live

when access to children they would not give

when the system made him feel so small

he then choose not to live at all

so all that refused to see the pain to see

you are the ones that killed Criss Mackney

the ex wife that laid down all the rules

the lawyers and judges that danced like fools

the people that said they all knew best

they all laid Chris down to rest

no guardian for his children you would provide

you all caused Chris Mackney’s suicide

look around at what you have done

realise no victory has been won

they you try to clean the internet

in hope that everyone will forget

but there are millions just like he

saying there but for the grace of god goes me

we have nothing you can take

so this protest we shall make

Chris’s story will be heard

in written and an spoken word

until this society never can

say he is irrelevant, he’s just a man


Forty Two

Author Notes

For the full story that includes a copy of the suicide letter by Chris Mackney please see the link below.

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